Regional Resilience


This October the Tri-Cities Airport Authority hosted the area’s regional elected officials, city and county leaders, business partners, and others to celebrate the completion of Aerospace Park.  The event was a wonderful way to celebrate the cooperation, strength, and attractiveness of the entire Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and North Carolina regions which support our airport.  The event also marked that not only is Aerospace Park open for business, but so is the whole region. 

We have had recent discussions with the airlines serving the Tri-Cities Airport to illustrate this point and they have all confirmed that they are seeing the same thing as people come back to flying Tri-Cities.  The area’s housing market is booming, our economy is out-pacing other economies of the same size, and we are seeing the dynamic resilience of people who are determined to make our region one of the best places to live, work, vacation, and come home to in all of the United States.

I am confident that as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have vaccines and treatments developed, and we learn to live with the new reality of the coronavirus that the Tri-Cities Airport and the region we serve will be poised to have a great economic rebound, grow our businesses, and be stronger than we ever were before.  At the airport, we are continuing to keep the facility open, safe, and clean, we are seeking out new businesses to come to the airport, and we are looking for new flights and new connections that will bring people from all over the world here to our corner of paradise.

As we all work to show the world that we are ready for life to come back to normal, I encourage you to always make supporting Tri-Cities Airport as well as all of our local businesses your top priority.  This is a wonderful place to work, live, play, and to call home.