Regional Resilience


This October the Tri-Cities Airport Authority hosted the area’s regional elected officials, city and county leaders, business partners, and others to celebrate the completion of Aerospace Park.  The event was a wonderful way to celebrate the cooperation, strength, and attractiveness of the entire Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and North Carolina regions which support our airport.  The event also marked that not only is Aerospace Park open for business, but so is the whole region. 

We have had recent discussions with the airlines serving the Tri-Cities Airport to illustrate this point and they have all confirmed that they are seeing the same thing as people come back to flying Tri-Cities.  The area’s housing market is booming, our economy is out-pacing other economies of the same size, and we are seeing the dynamic resilience of people who are determined to make our region one of the best places to live, work, vacation, and come home to in all of the United States.

I am confident that as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have vaccines and treatments developed, and we learn to live with the new reality of the coronavirus that the Tri-Cities Airport and the region we serve will be poised to have a great economic rebound, grow our businesses, and be stronger than we ever were before.  At the airport, we are continuing to keep the facility open, safe, and clean, we are seeking out new businesses to come to the airport, and we are looking for new flights and new connections that will bring people from all over the world here to our corner of paradise.

As we all work to show the world that we are ready for life to come back to normal, I encourage you to always make supporting Tri-Cities Airport as well as all of our local businesses your top priority.  This is a wonderful place to work, live, play, and to call home. 

Always an Exciting Adventure


Aviation is an exciting adventure which never seems to stop surprising me. Like many of the people who work at an airport, but do not actually fly the airplanes, I started my career hanging out at airports because of the excitement and love of flight. After more than thirty years of being behind the scenes making airports work, I am still constantly amazed by everything I see and of the people who make this amazing system work. 

In September, the Tri-Cities Airport will be doing a lot to celebrate and to prepare to celebrate this amazing industry. This month marks the eighty-third anniversary of the Tri-Cities Airport and its service to our region. TRI has seen our community through World War II, the Cold War, several world economic crises, 9/11, and now the COVID-19 pandemic. Every single person who has worked at the airport, served on its boards, and been involved with the airport’s promotion and growth has been a vital part of our community and the success we’ve seen through all of these years.

This month the Airport will begin a partnership with the Hands On! Discovery Center that will celebrate and share the amazement of flight with everyone. Families will be able to go and learn about the magic of flight at this interactive exhibit. I am confident a new generation of people will learn to love aviation and that the love will continue with them for decades to come. I know I still get excited every time I look out the office window and see an airplane lifting off the ground.

To continue the amazing adventure of flight, the airport and Tri-City Aviation is hosting the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum as they bring the B-17G Flying Fortress “Sentimental Journey” to the Tri-Cities, September 8-13. This will be a perfect time to come out or take a few moments from the normal course of the day and see some amazing aircraft that will quickly remind us why we fell in love with aviation in the first place.

There are very few careers where one can say they have been doing this for over thirty years and still find excitement almost every day. I know that this wonderful career would never have been possible without everyone working at the airport and making this always exciting adventure possible. I hope we can all take time this month to recall everything about aviation and the Tri-Cities Airport that has fueled your love of flight.

A Welcome from the Airport Director


Welcome to the inaugural My TRI News. Everyone here at the Tri-Cities Airport is excited to share, via this newsletter, the important issues and activities happening at your airport. We also want to hear back from you on how we can make your airport better for you.

The airport is a valuable community asset which contributes to the success of our region. Traveling from TRI is easy and convenient and connects you from your front door to the world. You can also bring others here to visit your businesses, conduct business, and visit family. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial that all of us work together to rebuild the region’s economy. This means supporting our local businesses and when you fly, make sure you FlyTRI.

The Tri-Cities Airport has been very blessed to receive funding under the CARES Act that will enable us to continue operating your airport and ensuring that our region’s connection to the world is here for us. Airport staff have done a phenomenal job in keeping the airport in excellent condition and ensuring that your travels through TRI are safe and secure.

Our primary goal at this point is to encourage the airlines to bring back additional flights as quickly as possible. As the airlines see demand for flights in our region return to normal and continue to grow, they will add flights back to TRI. Airport staff have worked with the airlines to decrease their costs, defer payments, and to help create a safe and secure environment for all passengers.

We highly value each and every one of our passengers here at TRI. No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you are going, you are key to our success and we want you to know you are welcome here. For those of you who have lived in the Tri-Cities region your whole life, thank you for always being a part of what makes our area so great. For those of you who are new to the Tri-Cities, thank you for making this region your home. Our Airport takes pride in being inclusive of all, welcoming of all, and in being part of building a great home for everyone.

Next time you fly, be sure to make flying Tri-Cities Airport your highest priority. This is your airport and we are always here for you.

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2024, parking rates will change
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