Air Service Development

Expanding Service from TRI

We’re always trying to expand our services at TRI, and part of that is bringing in new destinations. With the help of local partners, government, and the community, we look to enhance every level of our air service.


Through the Department of Transportation and the help of local partners, TRI has recently been awarded $900,000 from the Small Community Air Service Development Grant. With input from local businesses, we plan to use the money for a new direct flight to Chicago O’hare International Airport.

Our Role in Paving the Skies:


Embarking on a journey involves more than just packing your bags – it’s about understanding the elements that contribute to the cost of your flight. At Tri-Cities Airport, we want to empower you with knowledge. Airlines determine the price of flights based on a number of factors, including fuel costs, operational expenses, and market demand. It’s important to note that the airport itself doesn’t have control over these pricing decisions. However, we actively engage with airlines to ensure the best possible pricing strategies for our passengers.


Your time is precious, and we recognize the importance of efficient scheduling. Airlines meticulously plan flight schedules, considering factors like aircraft availability, crew rotations, and connecting flight logistics. The optimization of these schedules is a collaborative effort between airlines and regulatory bodies. While we don’t directly control scheduling, we work closely with our airline partners to provide you with convenient options and seamless connections.

Your Support Matters:

TRI thrives when our community stands together. Your support is the wind beneath our wings, empowering us to attract new flights and destinations. By choosing to fly locally, you play a crucial role in demonstrating the demand for expanded air services. Every ticket purchased contributes to the growth of our airport, allowing us to bring you more options and increased connectivity.

Inspiring a Shared Journey:

Consider this not just an airport, but a community hub soaring to new heights. As we embark on this journey together, let’s celebrate the power of local support. Your choice to fly from Tri-Cities Airport is an investment in the future of our region, bringing us closer to a network of destinations and opportunities.

Join us in shaping the skies above – because the more you fly, the more we fly.

Contact Information:

Kristi Haulsee
Director of Marketing & Air Service Development