Tri-Cities Airport Construction & Parking Update

Sidewalks located in front of the Tri-Cities Airport terminal building are currently being removed and replaced as part of the airport’s parking and frontage roadway construction project.  The construction project provides wider walkways, better traffic flow, designated crosswalks and an improved look and function for the front of the airport.  Drivers should proceed carefully in front of the terminal as construction workers and equipment are present.

The passenger drop-off and pick-up areas will be partially blocked as the sidewalks are removed and replaced.  However, both areas will remain open allowing drivers up to five minutes to drop off and pick up passengers.  The cell phone waiting lot is available free of charge for individuals requiring a longer wait time to pick up passengers.

“We realize this phase of construction will be an inconvenience and would like to ask for the public’s patience as we work to complete this project as quickly as possible,” said Kristi Haulsee, Director of Marketing and Air Service Development. “We would also like to remind passengers to arrive at the airport at the time recommended by the airlines, especially during this phase of construction.  Passengers should arrive two hours prior to their Allegiant flight, and one and a half hours for Delta or American flights.”

As part of the airport’s improvements, a new credit-card-only parking lot was recently opened offering convenience and easy access to the covered walkway.  The new lot is located on the right past rental car parking.  Parking rates are $2.00 per hour or $10 per day with rates repeating every 24 hours.

Tri-Cities Airport improvements will continue through the summer with paving of Airport Circle once the sidewalks are complete.  Upgrades in the baggage claim area and expansion of the general aviation ramp will also take place this summer.