Travelers Beware – Airport “Guide” Websites Contain False Information

Blountville, Tenn. – The Tri-Cities Airport has discovered the airport website and hundreds of other airport websites across the country, are being partially copied onto airport “guide” websites.

These websites contain false and inaccurate information about the airports and airport services. Many of them also appear to offer hotel booking, shuttle services, car rental and other services not directly associated with the airports. The websites use unauthorized images directly from the airport website to make the guide appear legitimate.

“We urge passengers to be very cautious and to make sure they are on the actual airport website when searching for air travel information,” said Gene Cossey, Tri-Cities Airport Authority executive director. “Travelers should also be vigilant and only conduct travel related business through the actual airport website, directly with the airlines, rental car companies, or through reputable third-party vendors.”

Organizations within airport communities have also received emails from these airport guide websites asking for the organization to link to their website.

The official website for the Tri-Cities Airport (TRI) is The only third-party vendor on the website is airline booking engine, OnPeak. Allegiant is currently the only advertiser on