Fly Local With Tri-Cities Airport

Welcome to TRI, where every departure marks the beginning of a journey, and every arrival signifies a homecoming. TRI is more than just an airport, it’s a community hub helping our region soar to new heights.

TRI makes Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia accessible from anywhere in the world, providing a huge benefit to families and businesses alike. Your choice to fly from Tri-Cities Airport is an investment in the future of our region, bringing us closer to a network of destinations and opportunities.

Why fly TRI?

You can reach more than 250 destinations worldwide with just one stop, including destinations throughout the United States and every continent (except Antarctica).

You may cut the total cost of your trip. When you drive to another airport, you spend time and money on gas, food, and lodging. You might even spend more money on parking.

You can help TRI attract new flights! When you fly from your local airport, you are telling airlines that to earn your business, they need to offer service at TRI.

You support your local economy, creating jobs right here in the Tri-Cities.

Your Support Matters

The Front Entrance of TRI

TRI is physically able to support additional air service from new airline partners or expanded routes with existing airline partners. We also routinely receive passenger requests for new service. But, adding additional air service to a commercial airport is complex and there are numerous variables to consider.

The team at TRI attends multiple conferences each year to meet with airline representatives and advocate for added service at TRI. The airport also employs an air service development (ASD) firm – an external team who specializes in adding commercial service to airports. Together, these teams gather and analyze local traveler data to present the strongest case possible to each airline they meet with.

Get the full field of view from our observation deck as planes take off, land, and taxi.

Airlines determine which airports they will operate at and what destinations they will offer. Some of the many factors they consider include market demand, fuel costs, crew availability, landing fees, and whether or not they have adequate aircraft to service the route. While our team leverages all the data available, TRI has to compete with every other airport of a similar size across the country, ultimately proving that the Tri-Cities market is the single strongest option available to the airline.

When local residents travel outside their immediate area to fly from another airport, that purchase shows airlines that travelers are willing to drive their connection. In many cases, the same airline is benefitting from the traveler’s purchase either way, minimizing any motivation the airline has to offer an additional route.

Get the full field of view from our observation deck as planes take off, land, and taxi.
Fly Locally from TRI

Before you book your next flight, be sure to check routes from TRI first, consider the total cost of flying from another airport, and think about the convenience of flying local. While we recognize that TRI isn’t the right airport for every journey, community support is the wind beneath our wings, empowering us to attract new flights and destinations. By choosing to fly locally, you play a crucial role in demonstrating the demand for expanded air services. Every ticket purchased contributes to the growth of our airport, allowing us to bring you more options and increased connectivity.

As we embark on this journey together, let’s celebrate the power of local support. Join us in shaping the skies above – because the more you fly, the more we fly.

More Ways to Help

Talk About TRI

Encourage friends and family to check TRI first when they travel

Join the Conversation

Follow Us on social media

Use Your Voice

Contact your preferred airline and encourage them to add service

(Hint: after-flight surveys are an easy way to make your voice heard)

Advocate Locally

Encourage your local elected officials to support TRI and air service development efforts

NOTICE: As of July 1, 2024, parking rates will change
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